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December 10, 2010

Seven dog-years have passed since. Still miss him.

Dr. Ruth claimed that the house would be needed for a family member. Briefly, I wondered why she bothered to rent it to me, knowing the circumstances and all. No, moving a second time within four months was not in the plans or in the budget. I favoured abandoning the entire book-writing adventure along with the Laurentians. An empty-handed return to the relative sanity of Toronto was preferable compared to the prospect of running into another flaky situation.

Things got weird. I guess she was afraid that I might have chosen to stay in the house and force her to honour the agreement.  Honour seems to be an optional consideration when the ideals of Manifest Destiny mix with tenure to breed the Ugly American spirit. Still, it’s impossible to really know what goes on within the hearts and minds of other people.

For the most part, dogs are more transparent than people and I’m grateful that Ozzie and I were able to spend quality time together. We sure enjoyed those walks!

So long pal.


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