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October 23, 2009

Snow what?

History is written by the victors.  This has probably been true since victors learned how to write.  Doesn’t seem very surprising.  If the people of warring countries are able to work up enough hatred and fear to kill, to annihilate each other, it is highly unlikely that an unbiased account will be forthcoming from either side.  We’re going to see one official version of the story and it isn’t going to come from the loser.

Guantanamo Bay.  Tough deal.  Undoubtedly, innocent people were inadvertently swept into the place whose lives have been destroyed.  Many wives, children, parents and siblings have missed too much sleep for too many years, left only to ruminate in helpless desperation.

Conversely, ruthless and conniving shitheads have been inadvertently released from Guantanamo. These people are responsible for unconscionable and indefensible violence.  You can bet they didn’t take up lawn bowling or start group therapy after spending those years under American care.

So it goes.  Injustice exists where there is justice.  The bucket of shame that Americans find themselves firmly seated in is deep and steep because the principles violated at Guantanamo are principles Americans purport to hold dear.  If there wasn’t shame and accountability, the world would have a more significant problem.

History-books and the military channel tell us that we used to fight our wars much differently than we do now.  There was a time when the use of atomic weapons and fire bombs against civilian populations was justifiable, apparently.  Instead of being judged as evil-doers, the victors earned the gratitude and respect of the free world and a place of glory in the history books.  At least that’s what I’ve read.



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